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IFMC Competitions and Awards

Junior Competitions and Awards



Campship auditions are in place to provide worthy students
an opportunity to attend a camp to further their musical talent
with a financial gift from the state.  Entry is in March of each year.

Junior Composers

IFMC Composition Contest gives junior composers opportunities to have their compositions adjudicated.  Winners are chosen in each of four categories divided by age.  The winner of each category is sent on to the North Central Region Competition.

Senior and Adult Competitions and Awards

Senior Club/Individual Award

This award is designed to provide funds for continuing education, for presenting workshops or special projects that a Senior Club or individual member would use to promote music within their community.

Federation Involvement Award

The Iowa Federation of Music Clubs Federation Involvement Award of $300 annually is designed to provide registration and transportation funds for an IFMC member in order to stimulate Federation involvement.

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