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Welcome to the Iowa Federation of Music Clubs

Iowa Federation of Music Clubs, IFMC, is affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs, NFMC, a National organization that is dedicated to promoting American Music through its support of members of all ages. 

As a national organization, NFMC is respected, and for the performer AND teacher, membership in the state and National Federation give professional credibility.

We offer affiliation with other musicians and supporters of music to exchange ideas, to give inspiration, and to aid with publicity.

Projects to promote music are celebrated across the United States:
♪ National Music Week is supported in all our communities
♪ American Music month in February with the Parade of American Music programs nationally
♪ Emphasis on research and performance of new American Music
♪ Monetary support to young artists, college students and juniors in all areas of performance, composition and education

The Federation is a national network for the promotion of music. As a philanthropic non-profit music organization the Federation offers monetary awards to members of all ages. The adults, collegiate and junior members all benefit from your dues and scholarship dollars. Awards given by IFMC are often doubled by the national.

In a generation that often proclaimed, "What's in it for me?" you have the opportunity to counter with, "What can I do for you and for the future of music in America?" By aligning yourself with a national and state organization you reach to borders not possible in your own little comer of the world.

So brighten the comer where you are and let the light reflect throughout the state of Iowa and your country.

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